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Identity Theft

By taking a few simple steps to protect your personal information you can greatly reduce your risk of identity theft. Here’s list of ways to reduce your risk of identity theft:

  • Be sure you know who you are sharing your information with. This may sound simple, but there are unscrupulous individuals that may attempt to deceive you into sharing information.
  • Just because someone asks for your information doesn’t mean you have to share it. Ask questions and make sure there is a valid reason to share that information before you decide to share it.
  • Limit what you carry in your wallet or purse when you go out. Only carry what you need and leave your Social Security card at home.
  • Shred medical and financial documents you no longer need. Many of these documents will contain personal information.
  • Be alert when using the internet. It’s always important to be cautious when shopping online but also remember to be just as cautious when sharing information on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Ensure that you maintain adequate and up-to-date security on all your computers and electronic devices.

For even more information on how to keep your personal information secure visit the Federal Trade Commission website.